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We Three are Sharon, Tricia & Kat:  three friends who share a passion for wedding photography, but each with our own unique instincts and styles.   With much mutual love and respect for each other’s work, we’ve decided to combine all of our experience and hold an intimate workshop for other photographers who are looking to fine-tune their craft and take their business to the next level.


We all call Alberta home, but share a love for chasing light all over the world.  We hope you’ll join us in Banff, Alberta in the picturesque Rocky Mountains on May 5+6 for two days of relating, commiserating and celebrating… and of course, tons of learning!   All skill levels are welcome but basic camera knowledge is recommended, since we won’t be going over that.  What we will cover is how we shoot, pose, edit and market ourselves.   Our goal will be to help you carve out your own identity in this industry, and thrive as an artist and business.   


Three different styles, personalities & approaches.  One similar vision.  




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